Know that each and every one of you has at least one light language hidden deep within. The original plan for communication on this planet was and still is through the use of the languages of light. Light language is interpreted and understood inside ones soul, and inside the sacred heart center. When we allow light language to flow through us we are connected to our higher selves and are speaking from our divine souls. There is no miscommunication and misunderstanding of what is being said when using light language. Everyone is most intimately understood. Also telepathy , or sending messages through thought accompanies light language to reinforce clear and complete understanding. Each and everyone of you have at least one light language embedded inside of you. Simply being aware of a specific light language now initiates it to come forth into your consciousness. The English language as many of our languages on our planet were created to cause confusion between cultures and the population as a whole creating a huge communication blockage for all. The idea was to keep you divided from one another and through sound to keep your vibration low, and to keep you from awakening to higher truths. They named this process Spelling because the words , sounds and vibrations created were intended to do exactly that. To cast 

spells of you, and over one another. The word Hocus Pocus means what I speak I manifest. When we speak hurtful things such as curse words we are lowering our vibration to the vibration of whatever it is that we are saying. When we direct words at others we do the same to them as well. When we are angry and speak out of anger we are sending that low vibration to bring that other person down, and to lower their vibration. Through words we do this both consciously and unconsciously. This shows you how very important each word you speak is and what your intention behind speaking is. Who is what you are saying it hurting or helping and is this what you truly want? So please be aware and know dearest ones how important it is to speak all things with love. Speak all things with love and from your heart. Please know the importance of light language. It is not only used to communicate with others. It is also used as a form of true expression to speak from your soul and every time that you use light language you are not only raising your vibration but you are also activating all of the crystalline structures in your chakra system initiating your light body , activating your dna, and healing your entire system. Light language has been used for healing on our planet for centuries a lot of you have just not been aware of it. When the Native Americans would dance and chant they were using light language to heal themselves and the planet! When light language was being used in this way people are happy, healthy and understood always. A lot of the diseases that we have today did not exist then and it is for this very reason. Through light language all things were healed. For if your liver was unhealthy you could allow it to speak through you from your soul thus releasing toxic energy and allowing the healing process to take place in the spirit of that organ. By doing this not only are we healing ourselves but we are also making a conscious connection with that part of our body making us aware of what is happening inside of us on a physical level. It does make us connected to our bodies, and thus teaching us to listen to ourselves. This allowed indigenous people to be aware of any disease , disharmony or ailments manifesting in the physical body and how to heal and treat them. You  have the ability to use light language the same today as it was used in older days.  Speak to animals, plants and all on your planet in this way. Use the language of light that comes naturally from within. Speak and sing light language during times of meditation, times of sadness or loneliness, and in times of joy. The more light language that you speak the more light body and DNA will unlock inside of you. Begin doing this today. You are so divinely loved and appreciated and you are here to do a job. Remember you came here with all that you need. Use light language to unlock dna, memories, higher states of consciousness.  Embrace your light and your love. 

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